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Adventureworks Zipline

The Adventure Park and Canopy Zip Tour offer outdoor fun and adventure for families, individuals, and groups of all sizes! Come visit our gorgeous old-growth forest and try any or all of our exciting adventures.

Staffers at ACCT-, AEE-, and ASTD-certified Adventureworks understand that the best adventures are the ones that take you out of your element. That's why they've outfitted the towering trees in their 40-acre forest with a multi-line zipline course. Over the course of their 90-minute tours, guides send visitors soaring through a canopy filled with leafy vegetation, avian wildlife, and sky-high views of the ground below. In addition to traditional tours, guides also mark special occasions with commemorative zipline trips. Depending on the calendar or time of day, guests might spy lunar sights on a Full Moon Zip, celebrate midsummer with a Firefly Zip, or ring in the new year with the annual Polar Bear Zip.

Business Location: 
1300 Narrows of the Harpe
37082 Kingston Springs , TN
Phone: (615) 297-2250
--Kingston Springs
West of Nashville
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