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Blackbird Studio Nashville Tn

Blackbird Studio Nashville Tn
Blackbird Studio Nashville Tn
Blackbird Studio Nashville Tn

One of Nashville's best recording studios. There is none better, this studio has the best everything.
Best people and the best equipment. John and Martina McBride have created the perfect sound studio.

The ultimate marriage between cutting edge and vintage. What originally began as an idea of putting a vocal booth in the McBride’s garage in 2002, Blackbird Studio has developed into one of the most outstanding recording complex in the world today. After rebuilding Creative Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, John and Martina McBride launched the internationally renowned Blackbird Studio in August of 2002. Motivated to offer the highest quality recording experience for their clients, Blackbird Studio was designed with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, and in turn has been the studio of choice by artists ranging from Beck, Rush, Sheryl Crow, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes and Taylor Swift. The facilities now comprise eight unique recording studios with a décor described best as The Four Seasons meets Moulin Rouge. Blackbird’s unrivaled equipment and microphone selection, including consoles available to fit any taste: Neve, API, SSL, and DIGI create a recording environment second to none. Great audio is our number one priority. Our goal at Blackbird is to give the artist, producer, and engineer every color on the palette with white to paint their picture

Watch the video to see all that the Nashville recording industry has to offer at the Blackbird Studio in Nashville Tn.

Business Location: 
Blackbird Studio Nashville Tn 37212 Nashville , TN
Downtown Nashville
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