Shakti Power Yoga

 Shakti Power Yoga
 Shakti Power Yoga

Shakti Power Yoga is more than our livelihood: it’s our mission. It is our expression of love and gratitude for life’s energy, and the spiritual connections we all share. We believe:

By sharing this space, we spread love, gratitude, and peace through the powerful physical and spiritual effects of yoga.
The focused awareness and physical movement of Power Yoga ignites our Shakti energy, forging a deeper connection with our true selves, God, and the people around us.
The energy we create when we practice together is a powerful and transformative force.
Yoga can change your life. It did, and continues to do so, for us.

Business Location: 
Shakti Power Yoga
65 Music Square East
37203 Nashville , TN
Phone: 615-942-8100
Downtown Nashville
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