Zombie Hayride Reloaded


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Zombie Hayride Reloaded

Friday, October 30, 2020 See Website
Saturday, October 31, 2020 See Website

Opening 10/3/20 - Halloween | Friday & Saturday Nights
New route, New theatrics, New barn! Experience this NEW ride with an incredible ending that will have you tapping your toes; if you SURVIVE!

SHOOT ZOMBIES! That's Right, this is your chance to "open fire" and protect our city. Millers Thrillers has quarantined a horde of infected zombies. They are growing stronger and are planning their evacuation routes to attack our whole city. Their intent is surviving and creating more of their kind. Our game plan is to go in and get them before they get us!

The zombies have expanded into new territories. They are getting smarter with their plan of attack. We have seen them fly across the sky, blaze across the ground, and bounce across the horizon. Good thing we called for backup! The government has gotten involved and set up a new training facility at Millers Thrillers. More trucks and guns have been added to our Military fleet! Our specialized fabricated hayride trailers allow 20 people per ride to join our cause to eliminate these creatures that have an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Our specialized weapons have pathogens and parasites that can destroy the diseased zombies before the infection strengthens, spreads, and breaches containment. Humanity is counting on you! Shoot fast, shoot true, and shoot to kill. Do not hesitate or you could become one of them!

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2020 Opening Night: October 3, 2020

"Its a must see season at Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods and Zombie Paintball Hayride. This family friendly attraction is going all out for its 13 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Millers Thrillers
1431 Carters Creek Pike
38401 Columbia , TN
Phone: (931) 698-1664