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Historic Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum

Historic Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum

Historic Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum is one of the most unique historic homes in the Nashville, Tennessee area. The home, built by Judge John Overton was completed in 1799 - just three years after Tennessee gained statehood.
At that time, Tennessee was the Western frontier and Nashville was the place that many came to make their fortune.

John Overton, the founder of Memphis, had a circle of friends that included the likes of Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. Overton was one of Jackson's closest friends and a driving force in Jackson's campaign for the presidency. He and men like him used politics and power to expand the nation and their wallets. Years later, Overton's son would be the wealthiest man in the state of Tennessee and builder of the Maxwell House Hotel. During his time at Historic Travellers Rest Plantation, the home would be used as the headquarters for General John Bell Hood in the days leading to the Battle of Nashville. The estate's peach orchard would be marred by the battle's bloodiest fighting.

Business Location: 
Historic Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum
636 Farrell Parkway
37220 Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 832-8197
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